official, portrait, space, shuttle, mission, merbold, born, 1941, german, physicist, astronaut, after, growing, east, germany, studied, physics, university, stuttgart, west, germany, 1977, applied, become, first, astronauts, european, space, agency, started, a. Official portrait for the STS 42 Space Shuttle mission Ulf Merbold born 1941 is a German physicist and astronaut After growing up in East Germany he studied physics at the University of Stuttgart in West Germany In 1977 he applied to become one of the first astronauts of the European Space Agency ESA and started astronaut training with NASA in 1978 On November 28 1983 Merbold became the first West German in space and the first non American to fly on a NASA spacecraft when he flew aboard Space Shuttle Columbia as a payload specialist of the STS 9 mission He participated in two further space flights the STS 42 NASA mission in 1992 and a Euromir mission to the Russian space station Mir in 1994 In total he spent 49 days in space where most of his work was related to performing experiments in materials science and the life sciences Merbold also provided ground support for other ESA missions and served as head of the German Aerospace Center s astronaut office He worked for ESA until his retirement in 2004 Full article Recently featured Art Deco architecture of New York City Angeline Quinto Micronations and the Search for Sovereignty Archive By email More featured articles About Did you know Luca Salsi that Luca Salsi pictured performed leading roles in two operas in a row at the Metropolitan Opera stepping in on 30 minutes notice in Verdi s Ernani and singing as planned in Lucia di Lammermoor that Japanese actor Kouhei Higuchi prepared for his role on the television drama adaptation of My Personal Weatherman by learning from a weather forecaster that Erin Swenson was the first mainstream Protestant minister known to have undergone gender transition while in ordained office that an ancient wildcat species is known only from a part of the jaw of a single animal discovered in Poland that when historian of cartography Leo Bagrow was granted Swedish citizenship in 1952 he had been stateless for 34 years that rural women in Burundi greet each other with an intricate musical ritual called akazehe that Margarita Ortega left her husband to fight in the Mexican Revolution that the Mayor of Picklesburgh is decided by a pickle juice drinking competition Archive Start a new article Nominate an article In the news Cody Fajardo In Canadian football the Montreal Alouettes defeat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to win the Grey Cup MVP Cody Fajardo pictured Javier Milei is elected President of Argentina The Cricket World Cup concludes with Australia defeating India in the final Joseph Boakai is elected President of Liberia in a runoff defeating incumbent president George Weah Ongoing Israel Hamas war Myanmar civil war Russian invasion of Ukraine timeline War in Sudan Recent deaths Terry Venables Geordie Walker Harald Hasselbach S Venkitaramanan Eddie Linden Annabel Giles Nominate an article On this day November 28 Bukovina Day in Romania 1918 Skanderbeg 1443 Having deserted the Ottoman army Skanderbeg pictured arrived in the Albanian city of Kruje and using a forged letter from Sultan Murad II to the governor of Kruje became lord of the city 1895 The Chicago Times Herald race the first automobile race in the U S was held in Chicago 1903 SS Petriana struck a reef near Point Nepean leading to Australia s first major oil spill and a debate over the White Australia policy 1966 In a military coup Michel Micombero abolished the Burundian monarchy and declared the country a republic with himself as president 2016 LaMia Flight 2933 crashed near Medellin Colombia killing 71 people many of whom were players from Chapecoense Football Club Manuel I Komnenos b 1118 Magnus Olsen b 1878 Helen of Greece and Denmark d 1982 Garry Moore d 1993 More anniversaries November 27 November 28 November 29 Archive By email List of days of the year, wikipedia, wiki, book, books, library,


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