maría, conchita, alonso, star, program, boys, american, sitcom, created, blake, hunter, martin, cohan, that, aired, episodes, from, april, 1989, only, american, primetime, programs, that, decade, star, latin, american, woman, maría, conchita, alonso, pictured,. Maria Conchita Alonso the star of the program One of the Boys is an American sitcom created by Blake Hunter and Martin Cohan that aired six episodes on NBC from April 15 to May 20 1989 It is one of only a few American primetime programs that decade to star a Latin American woman Maria Conchita Alonso pictured She featured as Maria Conchita Navarro a Venezuelan immigrant to the United States who begins working in the office of a small construction company and marries its widowed owner Mike Lukowski Robert Clohessy Five production companies oversaw filming at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood where delays prevented critics from watching a preview in advance of the premiere Reviews referred to the concept as ordinary and a repeat of themes from other television shows at that time Alonso s acting was mostly praised by critics The mid season replacement received inconsistent Nielsen ratings and was not renewed for a second season by NBC Full article Recently featured Walt Whitman s lectures on Abraham Lincoln 1999 Sydney hailstorm Fallout video game Archive By email More featured articles About Did you know Georgiana Bonser that British physician Georgiana Bonser pictured investigated whether chemicals used in the dyeing industry caused bladder cancer that Nigeria s Muslim Muslim ticket challenges the norm of religious balance in politics that John Mulaney would change the Saturday Night Live character Stefon s lines before airing in order to make Bill Hader break character that Palauan English only started emerging in 1962 that a Brazilian priest died while attempting to break the cluster ballooning world record in order to fund a spiritual rest stop for truckers that after years of development the British thin wing Javelin interceptor aircraft was cancelled in favour of purchasing the Canadian Avro Arrow that the Jewish community of Dubrovnik grew due to the expulsions of Jews and Marranos from the Iberian peninsula that alongside a 7th century BC Phoenician shipwreck two additional wrecks from various historical periods were unearthed in Bajo de la Campana situated off the coast of Cartagena Spain that horses were responsible for delaying the deciding match of the Barcelona women s football team s 1973 winning season Archive Start a new article Nominate an article In the news Simon Harris In retaliation for an Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus Iran conducts missile and drone strikes against Israel Simon Harris pictured becomes Taoiseach of Ireland after Leo Varadkar s resignation Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist Peter Higgs dies at the age of 94 A total solar eclipse appears across parts of North America A ferry sinks off the northern coast of Mozambique leaving more than 100 people dead Ongoing Israel Hamas war Myanmar civil war Red Sea crisis Russian invasion of Ukraine timeline War in Sudan timeline Recent deaths Alasdair Macintosh Geddes Melitha Sidabutar John Allen Fraser Chryssie Lytton Cobbold Mister Cee Joe Viera Nominate an article On this day April 15 Day of the Sun in North Korea Jackie Robinson Day in the United States Notre Dame de Paris with its spire and roof aflame 1632 Thirty Years War A Swedish German army defeated the forces of the Catholic League at the Battle of Rain mortally wounding their commander Johann Tserclaes Count of Tilly 1923 Ten Japanese American children were killed in a racially motivated arson attack on a school in Sacramento California 1936 Two Jews were killed near Tulkarm in Mandatory Palestine an act widely viewed as the beginning of violence within the Arab revolt 1989 The Hillsborough disaster a human crush that caused 97 deaths in the worst disaster in British sporting history occurred during an FA Cup match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in Sheffield 2019 A fire pictured severely damaged Notre Dame de Paris destroying the cathedral s timber spire and much of the roof Leonardo da Vinci b 1452 Nikita Khrushchev b 1894 Claudia Cardinale b 1938 Emma Watson b 1990 More anniversaries April 14 April 15 April 16 Archive By email List of days of the year, wikipedia, wiki, book, books, library,


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