princess, matoika, transport, ship, united, states, navy, during, world, before, barbarossa, class, ocean, liner, hamburg, america, line, north, german, lloyd, interned, with, outbreak, world, seized, 1917, carried, more, than, troops, between, 1918, 1919, arm. USS Princess Matoika was a transport ship for the United States Navy during World War I Before the war she was a Barbarossa class ocean liner for the Hamburg America Line and North German Lloyd Interned with the outbreak of World War I she was seized by the U S in 1917 and carried more than 50 000 U S troops between 1918 to 1919 As a U S Army transport ship in July 1920 she was a last minute substitute to carry much of the U S team to the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp From the perspective of the team the trip was disastrous athletes published their grievances in an action known today as the mutiny of the Matoika In civilian service she was SS Princess Matoika until 1922 SS President Arthur until 1927 and SS City of Honolulu until she was scrapped in 1933 On her maiden voyage in 1924 as President Arthur of the Jewish owned American Palestine Line she reportedly became the first ocean liner to fly the Zionist flag at sea and the first ocean liner to have female officers Full article Recently featured Tell All Your Friends Jim Lovell Nelson s Pillar Archive By email More featured articles About Did you know Portrait of Rudaki on a postage stamp that Rudaki portrait pictured is acknowledged as the founder of New Persian poetry in Iran and the father of Tajik literature in Tajikistan that Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez s concert Iconic has been referred to as a venture of two unrivaled names in the music scene of the Philippines that despite having been enlarged for the 1939 New York World s Fair the Willets Point Boulevard station served practically no resident population by 1949 that in 1982 the British civil defence exercise Hard Rock was cancelled when twenty local authorities refused to participate that Ron Labinski has been described as the world s first sports venue architect that Malinau Kota Indonesia with 31 percent of the population of Malinau Regency is home to more than 70 percent of its registered restaurants that after publishing a fictional account of women who survived a Nazi concentration camp by sewing dresses Lucy Adlington was contacted by descendants of actual dressmakers that a same sex kiss scene in the seventh episode of The Last of Us was censored in some regions Archive Start a new article Nominate an article In the news Shohei Ohtani At least 25 people are killed in a tornado outbreak in Mississippi and Alabama United States The World Baseball Classic concludes with Japan defeating the United States for the championship MVP Shohei Ohtani pictured An earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan kills at least 30 people and injures more than 380 others Swiss bank UBS announces its intention to acquire its competitor Credit Suisse in a government brokered deal The International Criminal Court issues arrest warrants for Russian president Vladimir Putin and Russian official Maria Lvova Belova for the abduction of children from Ukraine Ongoing French pension reform strikes Israeli judicial reform protests Russian invasion of Ukraine Recent deaths Gordon Moore Virginia Zeani Laura Valenzuela Lance Reddick Gloria Dea Robert Lindsay Nominate an article On this day March 27 Day of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania 1918 Himeji Castle 1638 The first of four destructive earthquakes struck southern Italy destroying an estimated 10 000 homes 1836 At least 425 Texian prisoners of war were executed in the Goliad massacre under orders from Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna 1941 World War II A group of Serbian nationalist officers of the Royal Yugoslav Air Force carried out a coup d etat after Yugoslavia joined the Axis powers 2009 A failure of the dam holding Situ Gintung an artificial lake in Tangerang Indonesia caused floods that killed at least 100 people 2015 Himeji Castle pictured the largest and most visited Japanese castle re opened after five years of restoration work Sigismund Bathory d 1613 Kick Kelly d 1926 Mariah Carey b 1969 More anniversaries March 26 March 27 March 28 Archive By email List of days of the year, wikipedia, wiki, book, books, library,


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